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How Do I Verify My Age?

Kitchen Heroes UK take the UK and USA law very seriously.  Due to new legislation, it is now illegal for a company to sell any knives or sharp kitchen objects to those under the age of 18 years.  Kitchen Heroes UK however has decided to sell our range only to those 21 years and over to ensure that our products are always in the right hands.  If you are between the age of 18 to 20 years and wish to discuss purchasing our products, please feel free to contact us.

Why We Need To Verify Age & Identity:

  • To Adhere By The Law Of The UK
  • To Adhere By The Law Of The USA
  • To Ensure That No Person Under The Age Of 18 Has Access To Any Product Which Is Considered To Be A Weapon.
  • To Ensure That No Person Under The Age Of 18 Has Access To Any Product Which Can Cause Harm To Any Other Person.
  • To Ensure That No Person/Organisation Involved In Terror Or Criminal Practices Can Purchase Products Which Can Be Used As A Weapon.
  • To Ensure That No Person/Organisation Involved In Terror Or Criminal Practices Can Purchase Products Which Can Cause Harm To Any Other Person.
  • To Ensure That No Person/Organisation Can Profit From Products Which Can Be Seen As A Weapon Or Product Which Can Cause Harm To Others.
  • To Ensure That The Internet Platform Remains A Safe Place For Purchasing Products For Their Intended Purpose.

In order to meet with these new laws, Kitchen Heroes UK have implemented further age and safety checks in order to confirm an individuals age and identity.  As in accordance with UK and USA law, all online companies who sell kitchen knives will have similar procedures in place.

These processes are extremely straight forward, quick and easy to do. Below we have provided a walk through of the user experience when shopping with us.

To begin, when you find an item(s) you would like to purchase simply click 'add to basket'.  This item has now been added to your virtual shopping basket which is located in the top right of your screen.

When you have completed your browsing and shopping and are ready to check out, simply click the cart button to be taken to the first stage of check out.  Once here ensure that your order is correct and if so press 'checkout' button which is found on the bottom right.

Before reaching check out you will be prompted by Age Verification Checker to add in all of your details including name, address and date of birth.  Input all of this information accurately to the system and then press continue when done.

Buy Japanese Kitchen Knives Online UK

If you are a USA customer the information you provided will be sent to the FDA data base who will confirm your age.  If you pass, you can carry on through checkout.  If this fails then you will be sent back to the home page and your order will be canceled.

For UK customers there is a further piece of evidence required which is a government issued form of photo id.  This can be a passport, drivers licence or identity card.  The form you will see that requests this information is seen below:

Buy Kitchen Knives Online UK
In order to pass this stage of verification simply take a picture of your form of photo id either with your computer or phone and upload the picture to the app.  


Once uploaded Age Verified will check UK gov. data bases to confirm your age.  If the program deems you to be over the age of 21 years, payment and delivery can be input into the checkout which will continue as normal. If the program fails your id then unfortunately your order will be canceled.
Kitchen Heroes UK also use Embargo Shield which is a program designed to check details provided by customers which is again ran through government data bases in the USA and the UK.  Embargo Shield uses the information to check sanction lists.  We believe that this allows Kitchen Heroes UK to ensure we are meeting our key safety targets and continue to offer our services to genuine customers who are looking for high end kitchen knives.  We use this service to determine people and organisations which are known for a range of reasons such as crime and terror organisations.  Please check our privacy policy for further details.  Any details that this program takes are deleted after customer confirmation.
A last stage of our verification is with the courier service UPS.  Once your product ships it will be with the courier group UPS.  On delivery of your order the UPS driver will request to see your identification for being over the age of 21 years.  Please ensure you have this.  A signature is also required by the recipient too.


We understand that in writing this may seem like a complex verification however we have found it to be a lot less time consuming than asking individuals to send emails with their photo id etc.  It also means that everyone involved in the sale of our Japanese kitchen knives is aged 21 years or above which is great news for rising knife crime in the United Kingdom.


Please note: none of your photographic information provided is kept on file.  Once verified the system wipes this data.  Please vie our Privacy Policy for further information.